Hola! My name’s Laura!

I’m here to (hopefully) get back into writing, even if it’s simple blog posts. I’m currently in graduate school for my teaching credential and Master’s in Education. It’s certainly very stressful, and I’m looking for more ways to bring peace and joy into my life to get through it. I teach high school English, and it is my greatest passion and truest love. I truly can’t imagine doing anything else with my life. I love pedagogy in every sense and really want to continue my dream of teaching and perfecting it. I also read and write a lot when I can. It’s pretty rare that I get to read for pleasure anymore, but I will be able to when I’m done with my program. Writing mostly consists of journaling on occasion and schoolwork. The purpose of this blog is to find more ways for me to write, as it brings me great joy! I’m hoping to try out some 30-day writing challenges! They can be pretty fun depending on the topic. Granted, I may not be able to do all of them, but at least it gets my fingers typing and my brain working.  I’m 100% an open book, so if you have questions, just ask!


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